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At Franco American, we are known for baking a variety of artisan breads. Here are some of our products. We bake 9 different types of bread in 150 different styles, including sourdough, white, wheat, rye, dark rye, sweet, sour, and more. Here are some types of bread that we offer:

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Sourdough Bread Bowls

Our classic 1 lb sourdough round. These San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread Bowls have become renowned the world over. Soup just tastes better in a sourdough bread bowl.

buy bastoni baguette bread

Seeded Bastoni

Our Italian-style baguette Bastoni. They come in seeded and plain varieties.

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Sweet French Bread

We bake a variety of French bread baguettes and sweet breads. These are very popular with our customers.

buy marble rye sliced bread

Marble Rye Sliced Bread

The Marble Rye. We bake a variety of sliced breads, including light, dark, and marble rye, sourdough, wheat, whole-grain, and white varieties.

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Country-Style Italian Bread

Lievitato loaf is Italian style french bread. This is one of our personal favorites. We have many varieties of traditional Italian-style breads, which can be hard to find in other bakeries.

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Foccacia Sheets

We bake specialty Foccacia bread sheets in both plain and onion varieties.

To see more of our products, you can shop online at SimplySourdough.com », or you can visit our bakery in Santa Rosa, California.